Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Marvelous Show, Sebastopol, CA
Ontological Museum, Santa Fe, Dada Centennial, Santa Fe, NM
Gallery Route One, Aqua, Pt. Reyes, CA, Juror: Susan Snyder
Richmond Art Center, Family Portraits, Richmond, CA, Juror: Jan Wurm and Ric Ambrose


National Collage Society, Anual Juried Exhibit, Hudson, OH
Works Gallery, Group Show, San Jose, CA
Arc Gallery, Fusion, San Francisco, CA
Works Gallery, Fundraiser Show, San Jose, CA
Papirmass, Collage Show online


5 Blanks, Angels & Demons, Wörthsee, Germany
Scene Metrospace, A Collage, Lansing, MI
Gallery Frances fine Art, Unique Surfaces: A Collage, Alameda, CA


The Art Museum of Los Gatos, Source Material, 3 person show, Los Gatos, CA
Works Gallery, Members Show, San Jose, CA


Gallery Route One, 25th Annual January Juried Show, Pt. Reyes, CA, Juror: Kenneth Baker


College of Marin, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Glue, Kentfield, CA
Sun Gallery, Bay Area Collage, Hayward, CA
Michael Rosenthal Gallery, Mixed Metaphors and Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, San Francisco, CA
The Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, Assemblage + Collage + Construction, Santa Cruz, CA
Olive Hyde Gallery, Smaller Than a Breadbox, Juror: Sandra Hemsworth, Fremont, CA


Coastal Arts League & Museum, Annual Juried Show, Juror: Jerry Emanuel, Half Moon Bay, CA
Works Gallery, Members Show, San Jose, CA
Sanchez Art Center, Arts on Fire, Juror: Scott Shields, Pacifica, CA
Artemis Healing Center, Solo show, Los Gatos, CA
Art Museum of Los Gatos, Annual Group Exhibition, Juror: George Rivera, Los Gatos, CA
Gallery 21, Small Image Show, Juror: Lorenzo Foncerrada, San Diego, CA
Olive Hyde Gallery, Waste Not, Want Not, Juror: Sandra Hemsworth, Fremont, CA

2005 Coastal Arts League Museum, Annual Show, Half Moon Bay, CA
2004 Works Gallery, San Jose, CA
1997 Golden Pacific Arts, San Diego, CA
1993 MBS Studios, San Diego, CA
1993 Cultural Concepts Gallery, San Diego, CA



2008 Best In 2D Show, Juried Exhibit, Coastal Arts League & Museum, Half Moon Bay, CA
2001 Recipient of the Robert Griffith Scholarship, San Jose State University, CA
1991 First Place Award Undergraduate Exhibit, San Diego State University, CA



    Otis Parsons, Paris, France
    CA Secondary Art Teaching Credential, San Jose State University, CA
    BA Fine Art, San Deigo State University, CA